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Tony Sharley is the principal of Flow On Business which is a natural flow on from his 10 years as Manager of Banrock Station in the South Australian Riverland.
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Futures around water

Tony Sharley established Flow On Business in June 2009 — to help people plan sustainable futures around water.

Flow On Business aims to keep water flowing through the landscape to create healthier ecosystems.

Healthy ecosystems are more resilient to climate change and provide opportunities to develop sustainable economies.
Flow On Business provides support to ensure river based businesses continue to thrive and grow.

Murray Darling River Basin

The current floodwaters in the Condamine Balonne Rivers in Queensland are a product of the same rains that generated flooding in Rockhampton and Brisbane. Rain on the western side of the Great Dividing Range... 
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Murray Darling Basin Flow Tracker has been designed to make it easy to track flows down our rivers towards the Murray mouth some 2000 kilometres downstream from its source.
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Flow On Business and Tony Sharley helping people plan sustainable futures around water.